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Fully Underwritten Life Insurance

fully underwritten life insuranceThere are various types of life insurance policies. The three main types are fully underwritten, simplified issue, and guaranteed issue. Yes, there is a difference between guaranteed issue and simplified issue.

Life Insurance With a Medical Exam

Life insurance that is fully underwritten requires a medical exam and a complete health and lifestyle questionnaire. The first thing that happens when someone is applying for a fully underwritten life insurance policy is the agent will ask an assortment of health and lifestyle questions.

Next, the applicant will then be required to take a life insurance paramedical exam. An examiner will be scheduled to come to the applicant’s home and perform the life insurance physical exam. The exam consists of the examiner taking the applicant’s height, weight, urine sample, and blood draw. Typically the examiner will have some follow up health questions to ask as well.

If the applicant has not done so already, he or she will be asked to fill out an application. The application and lab results will then be submitted to a life insurance underwriter. The underwriter will then review the lab results and application. At times, physician statements may be requested by the underwriter on client’s that have health concerns or that are above a certain age, such as 60 years old.

Upon approval, the underwriter will assign a rate class to the applicant. The life insurance policy will then be available for the applicant to sign and make the first premium payment. At this point the life insurance is in force.

The typical timeline for a fully underwritten policy takes 2-3 weeks for those who are young and healthy and can take 3-4 months for those who have various health issues or are older.

If you are healthy or if you have an existing medical condition you might want to consider fully underwritten life insurance.


For anyone who is healthy, taking a medical exam is a no brainer. However, if you have some concerns as to your health or you have not had a physical in many years, choosing simplified issue life insurance might be the better choice. That way you can qualify for the coverage and take an exam later, once your life insurance is in place.

Existing Medical Condition

If you have an existing medical condition you may want to choose a fully underwritten policy because it will give the underwriter more to work with. Opting for no medical exam coverage might actually hurt you if your medical records show a medical history that is not favorable to your getting insured.

Declined for Coverage

If you have previously been declined for coverage then you may need to choose guaranteed issue life insurance. We work with many of the best final expense and burial insurance companies. These companies require no medical screening or questions. The coverage is guaranteed to anyone that meets the age requirements.