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Nowadays, we know how important life insurance can be for you if you have someone who depends upon your income. However, what is often overlooked is someone who is not dependent on your income but who will be inconvenienced or downright put out if you die. Rather than dying with no life insurance, finding a [...]

burial life insurance for seniors

In the following article we will talking about the best burial life insurance for seniors. When you are done reading this article you will have a better understanding of the different types of burial insurance policies available, the unique features of the policies, as well as what companies offer the top burial life insurance coverage. [...]

Review of Colonial Penn Life Insurance

In the following Colonial Penn reveiw, we will cover the pros and cons of CPDirect. Over the years, we have seen many different companies make themselves available as life insurance providers and they all seem to offer something different. Of course, we all now know that life insurance is one of the most important types [...]

Review of Sagicor Life Insurance

In the following Sagicor review, we will address the company’s history, financial rating, and policies. At JustBuryMe, we love this company and it is one of our favorite simplified issue term and whole life insurance companies. We are on a mission; let’s make life insurance more accessible than ever before so we have more of [...]

Review of Globe Life

Are you currently researching the market of life insurance trying to work out if Globe Life is the best life insurance company for you? If so, let us lend a helping hand and guide you through the process a little. Previously, we have assessed some of the most popular life insurance providers within the market [...]

Review of AARP New York Life

When looking into life insurance, most people tend to run a mile when they see ‘AARP’ so today we have a complete guide that will explain what it is, who can use it, what options you will find, and more. Before we go any further, we should clear up one of the most common misconceptions [...]

Review of MetLife Life Insurance Company

Today, we have a complete review of one of the biggest names in the industry – MetLife. As well as taking you through the basics, what they offer, and their official ratings, we will discuss the pros and cons to going with MetLife! 2017 Review of MetLife Life Insurance So you have decided that you [...]

Qualifying for life insurance with pre-existing conditions, such as an artificial pacemaker, doesn’t have to be as difficult as one might think. In fact, because these devices do such a good job at correcting ones’ abnormal heartbeat, often times, those who have had a pacemaker installed will have a much better chance at qualifying for [...]

Review of Transamerica Life Insurance

As part of our series of articles covering the best final expense and burial insurance companies, we now bring you our Transamerica life insurance review. In the following review we will discuss the pros and cons of Transamerica and look at its different product offering and features. Is Transamerica the right company for you? 2017 [...]

review of Fidelity Life Insurance

At JustBuryMe, we focus on finding the best carriers in order to help our clients get the best coverage. One of our favorite companies for final expense and burial insurance is Fidelity Life Insurance. In the following review, we will address the pros and cons of Fidelity Life. Is this the right company for you? [...]